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your cashless community.

Your Advantage

Commission-Only Sales Force

Local Trade Partners is an idea and a network.  A community of smart business owners with a simple purpose – to upgrade their businesses and lives through the power of trade.


The professional LTP team is here to fuel that trade, to enable businesses like yours to unlock their full potential.


LTP is a collaboration of like minded business people.


Our pricing is low, simple and transparent.


We charge a 10% cash percentage when you purchase in our network.


There is no charge when you sell.


Think of our fee as your commission-only sales force.


All of the other benefits of Local Trade Partners are free including a great community of business owners, a new channel for customers and suppliers. We can even help you finance your business or major projects.


The Local Trade Partners Dollar is the alternative currency of choice for local businesses in Northwest Arkansas and the River Valley.   Thanks to our community, our LTP Dollar is secure, stable, legal and easy to use.




Local Trade Partners Dollars are stored digitally in a secure account easily accessible from the Local Trade Partners Web Site.  Access your Local Trade Partners account just like your online checking account.  We send you monthly statements to make it easy to keep track. Our smart phones Apps allow you 24/7 access to you account. We have a 24/7 automated authorization phone line for your peace of mind.


Receive SMS notifications on your cellphone when your buy and sell using your LTP$.




Local Trade Partners is legal and approved by the IRS and provides industry-grade security.


Local Trade Partners Dollars are easy to earn, easy to access, easy to account for and most importantly easy to spend.


Pay and receive Local Trade Partners Dollars in-store with our membership card and online in the Marketplace, at the point of sale using our tablet transaction app, or we'll provide a "login less" link for your computer, or use our smart phone apps to securely transfer trade dollars or use our automated 24/7 telephone system for trade authorizations in Northwest Arkansas 479-439-9767 or in the River Valley River Valley 479-345-0904.


As always you may call our office during business hours and we'll do it for you!  Call us 479-443-1977 or in the River Valley 479-648-9999.




Local Trade Partners provides financing that has no cash interest charge.  Get the Local Trade Partners dollars you need to get moving now!   One Business Owner said..."You're giving me a credit card to make purchases that I can then work off at anywhere from 15 to 50 cents on the dollar" Yes.  We are.



It's easy to get started on our new Online Marketplace.


We have built an e-commerce solution around our motivated buyers.


Open an Online Store for free in our trusted local marketplace. It's free to sell with Local Trade Partners. Our members will pay you in Local Trade Partners Dollars and they will pay any sales tax due in cash.


Selling is free, with no monthly, listing or set up fees.


Step One- Find something to sell.

Decide to list your entire inventory or just your slow-moving product.   You're in complete control.


Step Two -  List your products & services

Choose from 'Buy It Now' offers or listings and discover new, motivated buyers.


Step Three- Accept Local Trade Partners in your business. We have hundreds of motivated buyers ready to do business with you.


Step Four- Go spend- complete the circle and use your Local Trade Partners Dollars to buy things for your family and business.  Never hoard Local Trade Partners Dollars.


Local Trade Partners Dollars must be kept in circulation for the good of our cashless community.

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