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Local Trade Partners

your cashless community.

Utilize Your Excess Business Capacity

.... for good.

Selling & Buying

Buy at YOUR

Wholesale Cost.



by Creating Product Listings in

our Marketplace


This creates brand awareness in

a new community.


online or both.



It's easy to get started



Your Local Trade Partners

balance begins to grow.


Cha Ching!



Control how many Local Trade Partners Dollars you want to earn.


Now you are ready to spend.

Build brand awareness in

a new, local community


Whether you run your business on the phone, or at a physical location, or purely online, your first step to reaping the benefits of Local Trade Partners is to create an ONLINE STORE by creating product listings, it's free and easy to do. This will tell our community about your brand and what you are selling. LTP members can buy from your store with a 1 click.


Examples of businesses on Local Trade Partners: an Orthodontist, a Jewelry store, Restaurants, Hair Salons, Hotels, Plumbers etc. The possibilities are endless.


The one thing all these businesses have in common is their motivation to grow and to take control of their sales, to shed excess capacity, to see scale from their capital investments.


And they all love Local Trade Partners for helping them find new, profitable customers.

Create offers in one

of many ways


You could be a Dentist, a Law Firm, or a Jewelry Company that doesn't have a physical store, or a Cupcake Shop.


You don't need a specialized web site with

e-commerce capabilities.


We provide you the sales environment and a free Online Store as part of your membership in Local Trade Partners.


When you are selling online, Local Trade Partners offers a host of options for you to list your offers. You can even sell gift certificates - get credit up-front, earn some free advertising and control how much Local Trade Partners you want to earn.


You can also create product offers within the marketplace. Whether it's a physical product (like jewelry) that needs to be shipped upon purchase, or a spa package for a fixed price, or 3 hours of construction work, creating an offer is fully customizable to fit almost any product or service.


Once you put up your gift certificates, offers or both, transactions can be 100% Online.


Of course our friendly support team is always here for you if you need help. We provide the accounting for you, monthly statements and smartphone apps to manage the details.



We're all local, just like you.




Can you pay with Local Trade Partners instead of cash? Dry Cleaning? Pest Control? Your pets vet bill? Karate lessons? YES!!




Fix it with Local Trade Partners




Need a Dentist? Orthodontist? Chiropractor?  Hospital?  Periodontist? Oral Surgeon?


Use Local Trade Partners instead of cash!




Can you get it done with Local Trade Partners?


Browse the Local Trade Partners Cashless Marketplace for what you need.


So you have started selling on Local Trade Partners, look what you can do with your new Local Trade Partners balance


Do you own or lease ? Do you need any painting, plumbing, roofing, construction, janitorial, flooring, landscaping work?


Do you have a fleet of vehicles? Do you need auto repair, graphics, body work, car wash, upholstery repair?


Are you looking for ongoing services? IT people, accountants, legal help, graphic design, phone service, etc?


Do you have ongoing printing needs? Do you need a copier?


You will find trusted Local Trade Partners members who offer all these services and more. And you'll find yourself browsing the marketplace even when you are not looking for a particular service!

Pay Everyday Expenses with Local Trade Partners


The Local Trade Partners community is filled with trusted small businesses that offer products and services you need to keep your lights on. And they all have one thing in common with you: the desire to thrive and grow. They will compete for your business.


They want your Local Trade Partners dollars.


You can also use Local Trade Partners to find ways to thank your customers, like gift certificates, planning thank you events etc.


Find out how hundreds of small businesses use Local Trade Partners today.



Take a step forward

with confidence


Advance your business, career and lifestyle with Local Trade Partners.


Businesses have been surprised by how much they can do with Local Trade Partners.

Do you need advertising to grow your business?


Does your website need an upgrade? Do you need a new social media campaign?


Are you trying to move to a different location?


Do you wish you could plan an event to build awareness about your brand?


Local Trade Partners members can help you upgrade your business.


Use Local Trade Partners to improve the quality of your personal life

Do you need any upgrades or maintenance on your home?


Are you currently planning a vacation? Local? Exotic?


Wish you could give your family members a Local Trade Partners card to spend instead of cash?


Do you wish you had time for health and fitness? A massage?


What kind of restaurants do you like?


Thriving small business owners love that they can use hard earned Local Trade Partners dollars towards celebrating with their families.

Reward your Team


With Local Trade Partners, you can use your Local Trade Partners balance to find ways to say thank you to your team.


We have reloadable Spending & Gift Cards, perfect for your team.


• Do you have any employee incentive programs?

• Do you typically have holiday or summer employee events?

• Do you offer benefits?

• Wish you could plan company lunches, coffee service or equipment, team building events?

• Do you pay Team Member Bonuses?


You can with Local Trade Partners.





Make Tax Deductible Donations with

your LTP Dollars


We have several worthy 501C3 Organizations that would love to get your LTP$ in exchange for a Tax Deduction.   Do good in the world through Local Trade Partners.





Achieve balance


Members who have seen the most benefit from their Local Trade Partners membership say that it helps to be creative and persistent.


With any expense, they first look for a way to pay for it with their Local Trade Partners balance. Our friendly team is standing by to provide any assistance your need.  Please tell your friends and business associates about Local Trade Partners.


Local Trade Partners is your cashless community helping you achieve your financial goals.



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