May 6, 2017


Do you have empty chairs?

If you have excess business capacity- Local Trade Partners can help you.  We can help fill empty restaurant seats, unfilled professional appointments. We will bring you new customers.

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Use what you have to get what you need.

Local Trade Partners can help you grow your business. We bring new customers to you. Our Cashless Community is made up of local successful business owners who maximize their business by usimg trade dollars instead of cash to buy goods and services for their business and families. All types of businesses in all types of industries can benefit from Local Trade Partners. Quit wasting your excess capacity- an unfilled appointment or restaurant seat is lost forever. Local Trade Partners will help you turn this waste into profit.

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Save Your Cash

Spend LTP$ instead of cash for your business and family.

When you spend LTP$ your cash stays safely in the bank, working for you. We have hundreds of members offering thousands of goods and services.  We have dentists, orthodontists, 115 restaurants, plumbers, boutiques, janitorial services,  and much more.

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Is Local Trade Partners Right for you?

If you are at 100% capacity. NO.  Congratulations!  very few businesses ever operate at full capacity.


If you have a few empty seats, if you could handle a few more customers than Local Trade Partners is a fit.  After you have paid your considerable overhead each additional sale is your most profitable.  Call us today to see how Local Trade Partners can help you grow.

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