May 7, 2017

How It Works

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We help overworked local business owners like you, survive and thrive in the big box internet world.

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Our members trade what they HAVE for what they NEED.

With Local Trade Partners  you'll be paying for items with your product.  In a very real sense you'll pay for items for your business and family at your cost of goods sold.  So you WILL pay for your daughter's Braces with Cheese Burgers & Fries, or Pizza, Web Design, Plumbing, Hair Cuts, Grass Cutting or Dry Cleaning.  You get the idea.  All you need is to have a service or product that is in demand, we'll do the rest.

Use Local Trade Partners to get Great Restaurant Meals, Dentists, Orthodontists, Pest Control, Janitorial, Veterinarians, CPA's, Legal, Auto Repair, Printing, Lawn & Landscaping and Much More!

Save your Cash and Spend LTP$ instead!

Local Trade Partners Generates NEW Customers: This allows you to expand your market and maintain your cash-paying customers. This is incremental business-customers who bypass competing businesses to do business with you.

Local Trade Partners Conserves Cash: Trade creates new customers because buyers are motivated to pay with their products or services and save cash.

Please consider: if you had to make a purchase for $1000, would you rather write a check or pay with an equal amount of your product/service at its normal selling price to a new customer?

Most businesses prefer to trade and conserve cash.

Local Trade Partners Increases Profitability: Trade customers pay retail prices, so you get the full value of your goods and services.

Local Trade Partners Moves Excess Inventory: Businesses must keep their inventory moving and customers shop for the most current merchandise each season.

Local Trade Partners will bring you buyers to move your inventory, eliminating the advertising costs and heavy discounting otherwise needed to accomplish this.

Manufacturers/Wholesalers: Trade Coordinates The Selling Of Surplus Inventory: We negotiate for you to receive either the going price in the marketplace or your normal selling price to distributors. This allows you to maintain your current pricing integrity and upgrade your return on investment.

Increase Productivity By Filling Downtime and Excess Capacity: Service Business: Increase billable hours! If you are not at 100% capacity 12 months a year and you can handle new customers, we can help you fill your free time with your business opportunities. And now you will have trade dollars to purchase what you need. Hotels: Suppose you have 10 vacant rooms at $100 a night and you need a new brochure for $1000. Trade provides a way for you to buy your brochure, fill your rooms (at your cost), and maintain your cash. Manufacturers: If you are currently operating at 90% capacity, going to 93% changes very little in the cost of production. Wouldn’t it make sense to take on a new trade customer to cover the cost of next year’s product catalog?

Networking Expands Your Customer Base: Trade customers will bring you all the cash referrals that your present clients bring. You will gain new cash paying-customers too-as long as you give your trade customers the same great services and pricing you offer everyone else.

Avoid ONE-ON-ONE Trading Hassles: Our secure cloud-based round-robin trading system lets you use trade dollars from a transaction with one member to trade with any other member IN the country-and we do the collecting for you!

You can get a lot through Local Trade Partners!  Between our clients and the clients of our sister exchanges nationwide, there’s a lot of great services and products available.

Here are some of the items you can get with Local Trade Partners!


Accounting Advertising Artwork Attorneys Awards Background Checks Building Maintenance Building Repairs Carpet Cleaning Catering Cleaning Supplies Commercial Cleaning Computer Services Computers Copy Machines Decorating Electrical Services Employee Screening Fax Machines Flooring Glass Mirrors Graphic Design Healthcare Products Heating/ Air Conditioning Services Hotels Landscaping-Lawn Service Limousine Companies Marketing Meeting Rooms Music on Hold Office Furniture Office Supplies Painting Pest Control Plaques Printers Printing Restaurants Screen-Printing and Embroidery Search Engine Optimization Security Systems Shipping/Packaging Signs & Banners Storage Facility Tax Services Travel Video Production Website Design


Antiques Appliance Repair Artwork Carpet Cleaning Custom Closets Custom Made Bars Decorator Items Electrical Flooring Framed Art Furniture Garage Doors Gutter Repair & Cleaning Heating Service Heating/ Air Conditioning Service Home Inspections Housekeeping Interior Decorators & Design Lamps Landscaping Lawn-Garden Care Lighting Locks & Locksmiths Marble Company Mirrors Movers Painters Pest Control Photography Plumbing Pool Service Repair and Service Roofing Contractors Rug Companies Security Systems Shower Doors Stained Glass Doors Stump Removal Tree Service Vacuums Water Purification Systems Wood Floor Refinishing Wood Flooring



Billboards Direct Mail Magazines Newspaper Radio Television Vehicle Maintenance Auto Body-Paint Auto Detailing Auto Glass Tinting and Replacement Car Washes Diesel Repair General Repairs Mobile Dent Repair Transmission Service Truck Repair Tune-ups


Alterations Auto Repairs Batting Cages Birthday Party Rental Equipment & Facilities Catering Chiropractic Clothing Contact Lenses Day Care Facilities Day Spa Services Dental Care Dry Cleaning Event & Party Rentals Event Ticket Sales Eye Care/Glasses Laser Vision Correction  Legal Services Fitness Centers Florists Gifts Golf Courses Golf Lessons Hair Salons Health Spas Hotels Inflatable Rentals Jewelry Ladies Accessories Lasik Eye Surgery Leather goods Legal Services Limousine Companies Massage Therapy Medical Care Opticians Pet Supplies Photo Booth Rental PrintingMini Golf Restaurants Shoes Skin Care Services Sports Events Storage Facilities Tax Services Travel Tuxedo Rentals Veterinarians

Join Now- It's Easy.

Do you need New Customers?

If you are in business in Northwest Arkansas, the River Valley or Branson, MO and you have the capacity to handle new customers, you should consider joining Local Trade Partners.

Join Now- It's Easy.

If you have empty restaurant seats at lunch or dinner, open appointments on your calendar, we can help you.

It's a fact that not many businesses operate at 100% capacity- We can all use a few new customers.  A few new customers will be your most profitable customers since your overhead has already been paid by your existing customers.

We bring you new, highly qualified customers.... people just like you... Local Business Owners.

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Do you need more cash flow?

Use the Local Trade Partners Dollars you get to offset your current cash expenses.  Credit lines are available to our members.

Take the Trade Dollars you make and use them to replace some of your previous cash expenses.

Everyday expenses like Restaurant meals, accounting services, lasik services, advertising, pest control, dry cleaning, printing, office copiers, web sites, personal services, lawn service, customer framing, art classes, dance classes, glasswork, maid service, janitorial, tanning, golfing, glasses, contact lenses, carpet cleaning, message on hold, NWA Naturals baseball, catering, batting cages, dog boarding, dog grooming, chiropractic, gifts, boutiques, travel,  tuxedo rentals, veterinarians... the list is nearly endless.

Always spend Local Trade Partners Dollars at the rate you sell.

Balance in life is good.

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Meet New People

Our members are local business owners like you.

Networking and new customers thru Local Trade Partners grow your business in many ways.

You'll meet some of the nicest people in the area- folks that you'll have a lot in common with since they are local business people.

Increase your influence in the community and enjoy life more.

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