Local Trade Partners uses the latest technology to make our Cashless Community simple, safe and secure.

Local Trade Partners is a local currency stored securely in the cloud. We have a developed an Online Cashless Marketplace that allows our members to easily find each other to conduct commerce and we provide a free web store to make it easy for you to sell your offers, good and services for Local Trade Partners Dollars.

Our web site makes conducting business easy.

Our web site allows you to authorize a Local Trade Partners sale without logging in with a user name and password, making it easy for your to delegate this responsibility.

Our Apps make it Easy!

Our iPhone and Android Apps allow your to search our Marketplace , Directory, View Your Balance and to securely record transactions.

Search your App Store for “Local Trade Partners Mobile”, once the App is installed, login with your email address and password.

We have a Simple App Just For Selling!

We have a simple retail Point of Sale transaction App to make doing business on a simple tablet using your WiFi fast and easy.

To easily run transactions on your smartphone or tablet search the iOS or Android App Stores for “Nextrade 360” download the Free App, select “Local Trade Partners” as your Trade Exchange and login once with your email address and password.

iOS Selling App Link (Nextrade 360)

Android Selling App Link (Nextrade 360)

Run Transactions on your PC!

If you have an internet connected PC at your point of sale, copy this link and paste it into your browser:*****

and REPLACE the asterisks at the end with your  Account Number (On your member cards or login to your account to obtain.)

This embeds your seller number in the authorization form… saving your valuable time!! Bookmark this link so you can authorize transactions without logging in or sharing your password! Easy!

 Automated 24/7 authorization line for your convenience

In Northwest Arkansas dial 479-439-9767 and in the River Valley dial 479-345-0904.

Please have your seller number and the buyer number handy. Enter the sales amount without a decimal point. Our goal is to make Local Trade Partners your cashless community for effortless commerce.