May 7, 2017

Trade Tales

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How a Savvy Plumber Saved a Marriage.


Let’s take the case of “Gary The Green Grocer”.

Gary sells fresh fruits and vegetables.

He has a 5,000 square foot building, huge refrigerators and display bins, 6 employees, an overhead door and a cool blinking neon “Open” sign.  Gary loves his business and his life.

The problem?  

Gary has a major plumbing problem- the sewer line beneath his concrete floor has collapsed leading to a catastrophe- a smelly, disgusting and dangerous sewer back up!

Gary calls  “Paul The Plumber”

The repair cost? $10,000.

The floor must be sawed up and underground pipes replaced. It is a huge emergency plumbing job.  Business is good but not that good. Short of going "hat in hand" to his annoying “In laws” or to small-minded banker for a loan- what can Gary do?

Gary has a brainstorm.

What if he TRADES with the Paul the Plumber?

Gary considers the possibility.

Gary has excess capacity- after all he is not 100% busy all the time, few businesses are.  He marks up his produce by 100%- meaning that when he sells something for a dollar- it costs him 50¢.  All of his other costs are fixed, bank payment, labor, his snazzy website built in WordPress that some bearded hipster made for him, property tax and utilities, etc.-  He is paying these costs anyway.

If Gary can persuade Paul the Plumber to take $10,000 in produce in trade for the plumbing repair, then Gary will only be out $5,000- Gary can handle that!

Gary asks Paul- but Paul does not need $10,000 in produce- he likes to eat- but that is a lot bananas, kiwifruit, cabbage, new potatoes, tomatoes and spaghetti squash!

Paul says that if he were to do a trade it would be with an Orthodontist since Paul has 3 sweet kids with crooked teeth.

Gary has a Major Problem!

The sewer back up is horrible. The local health department finds out and shuts him down, the local TV station shows up and does a hit piece for the 6 o’clock news during sweeps week: “Stinky Sewage in Aisle 3”.

Gary’s business is ruined.

His wife divorces him and she moves in with Gary’s best friend from High School, Barry the Butcher.

Barry drives by Gary’s house blasting sappy 80’s love songs from his shiny new “Smurf Blue” Camaro.

Gary declares bankruptcy and is last seen selling wilted cucumbers on a lonely street corner.

BUT WAIT!!! Enter Local Trade Partners!

But suppose Gary is a member of Local Trade Partners.

Local Trade Partners facilitates Gary the Grocer trading with Paul the Plumber.  Gary is not going to do a direct trade with Paul.

Instead he is going to pay Paul with Local Trade Partners trade dollars and...

(You guessed it...)

Paul will spend the trade dollars with “Oscar the Orthodontist”!

Gary has been selling to other members of the trade exchange, enjoying additional sales, sales that could have been lost to the chain supermarket in town.  All of these customers have been “found business”.

Gary remembers a customer that drove from an hour away to buy produce.  That customer explained that he owned a computer repair business and that he filled his idle time with new customers from the Trade Exchange, earning trade dollars.

Everyone was motivated to spend their trade dollars with fellow members and conserve their cash.

Gary continues to make sales through Local Trade Partners. He works closely with his Trade Broker who keeps Gary informed about new members and new trade opportunities.

Gary spends his trade dollars on dining out, auto repairs, massages, golf, his dentist, his CPA, attorney, flowers and jewelry for his smart, faithful, beautiful and adoring wife who just got Botox through Local Trade Partners.


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Another Trade Tale... Bill’s Cafe

Bill has a local cafe.  Business is good. but sometimes Bill has empty tables and chairs.
He is looking for ways to fill empty seats with new customers.

Bill joins Local Trade Partners.   

Local Trade Partners’ Cashless Community of local business owners and their families is alerted that Bill has joined the community.

 Local Trade Partners Members start dining at Bill's and they love the food and atmosphere and many tell their friends about Bill's Cafe.   Word of Mouth Kicks Butt!
Most members have never been to Bill’s Cafe. (New Customers!)
Bill’s Local Trade Partners Account has a starting balance of $0 along with a cash interest free credit line.

Bill receives his Local Trade Partners Membership Card and browses the LTP App on his smart phone.


He finds a local plumber who is also a member of Local Trade Partners and immediately has his cafe’s plumbing issues fixed.

He uses his LTP member card to pay the plumber LTP$350.

His LTP account is now -350

By the end of the week, 11 Local Trade Partners members have dined at Bill’s Cafe for a total of $450, His Local Trade Partners Account is now has a positive balance of  LTP$100.

Bill needs new menus designed and printed.

He finds a local printer on the Local Trade Partners web site and spends LTP$1,000 on new menus.  His LTP balance is now -900

Local Trade Partners Sees that Bill still needs more business.


LTP marketing specialists design a promotional email for the cafe and puts Bill’s New LTP Gift Certificates on the Cashless Marketplace for members to buy as employee gifts.  All for no extra cost to Bill. Nice.

Buy the end of the month, Bill has generated $1,200 in New Local Trade Partners Business!!

Bill continues to find new cash expenses that he can pay with his LTP$ instead.  Replacing cash expenses with revenue from new business is called AWESOME!! 

His LTP Account continues to go up and down with his revenue and expenses.

Local Trade Partners brings Bill business that would have gone to his competitors.

They pay Bill in Local Trade Partners Dollars that he can spend with ANY other member in the Local Trade Partners Cashless Community. He has over 700 businesses to choose from!

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